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Employee Spotlight: Celebrating 20 Years with Bob Gardner

Bob Gardner 20 years mk news

When companies are small and just getting off the ground it is common for employees to become a “jack of all trades:” well-rounded and diverse in their skills and knowledge. When mk North America, Inc. was a fledgling company 20 years ago, it found such an employee in Bob Gardner. Gardner came to mk with a background in architecture but a desire to work with his hands as he had done previously in his father’s plumbing company and in construction.

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High Temperature Conveyors from mk North America

High temperature conveyor with metal mesh belting from mk North America

The majority of industrial conveyor applications occur in environments that are more or less room temperature. Shipping, crating, inspection, and others are all applications for which no special consideration of temperature is required.

For many others, however, extreme low temperatures or high temperatures are the norm, and specialty conveyor systems are needed to accommodate them. This post will focus on the latter: conveyors designed for high heat environments, and the solutions offered by mk North America.

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Side Grip Conveyors and Transfer Systems from mk North America

And angled view of a side grip conveyor from mk North America

Some of the most challenging product and material handling applications are those for which easy access to the bottom of a product is required, such as with code dating, bottom inspection, and others.

In these cases side grip conveyors may be the ideal solution. Made with parallel belts that grip firmly by the sides, these systems move product along while allowing full access to the top and bottom, in addition to securing product during steep inclines.

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Low Temperature Belt Conveyor Systems from mk North America

Low Temperature Freezer Conveyor

Low temperatures and freezing environments are responsible for some of the greatest engineering challenges in the belt conveyor and material handling industries. Applications like frozen food processing and distribution, cryogenics, and others all require efficient belt conveyor systems able to withstand constant operation in extreme cold. This is a difficult prospect for any machine, and conveyors are no exception.

mk North America is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialty belt conveyor systems, including those for low temperature, frigid, and freezing environments. No matter what your low temperature application requires, mk can provide a solution to meet your needs. Keep reading to learn more.

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