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Important Safety Tips for Factories and Industrial Workplaces

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June is National Safety Month.

According to the National Safety Council, almost 13,000 American workers are injured each day, resulting in as many in as many as 99,000,000 lost production days per year (no, that’s not a typo).

The most common causes of workplace injuries are overexertion, falls, and contact with objects and equipment, and three of the top five occupations with the greatest number of workplace injuries are shipping, manufacturing, and maintenance.

At mk North America, we recognize that many of the most at-risk occupations and activities in the country deal with material handling systems and conveyors every day. That’s why we take safety extremely seriously—in our own facility and in those of our partners and customers.

In the spirit of National Safety Month, here are some important safety tips for factories, shipping facilities, and other industrial workplaces.  

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mk North America's Guide to Belt Conveyor Types

A belt conveyor from mk North America

Belt conveyor systems are some of the most universally used and recognized machines in any industrial setting. Belt conveyors are used for transporting good and materials, for automating assembly and processing, for shipping and packing, and much more.

There are a number of reasons why belt conveyors are so ubiquitous, but among the most important is their versatility. Different conveyor belting options, configurations, and other specifications can be combined and customized to accommodate a variety of needs and applications.

Interested in learning more about different belt conveyor types? Take a look at our guide below to get more information about belting types, configurations, uses, and more.

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mk North America Offers a Variety of Z-Shaped Belt Conveyors

Z-shape conveyor from mk North America

Z-shaped conveyors are systems that utilize a horizontal-incline-horizontal configuration. Sometimes called “gooseneck conveyors,” these systems are useful in a variety of applications:

  • Ergonomic support for conveyor line workers: inclines can reduce the need for bending or reaching)
  • Hoppers and bowl feeders: custom declines can be used to feed product into hoppers or feed bowl feeder intakes
  • Elevation changes
  • Injection molding
  • Packaging
  • And more

mk North America offers a variety of z-shaped belt conveyors in standard and custom configurations to meet almost any need. Keep reading to learn more.

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Heavy Duty Conveyor Solutions from mk North America

heavy duty conveyor system from mk north america

In industrial applications involving heavy loads and rugged environments, special heavy duty equipment is often required.

If you’re looking for heavy duty conveyor systems to accommodate material handling and other processes in a particularly demanding industrial setting, mk North America may have the solutions you need.

Keep reading to learn more.  

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