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RB Type

mk offers RB type gravity and driven roller conveyors.

Gravity roller conveyor RBS-P 2255

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mk offers gravity and driven roller conveyors in various widths and flexible lengths. Straight and curve modules are offered for each conveyor type. Driven roller conveyors allow application possibilities such as segmentation of products, stopping and storage. Gravity roller conveyors are ideal on lines in which the operator is responsible for moving along the process.


  • Gravity Roller Conveyors: RBS-P 2065 (75 mm deep frame), RBS-P 2066 (100 mm deep frame), and RBS-P 2255 (120 mm deep frame)
  • Driven Roller Conveyors: RBM-P 2255 (roller with motor internal) and RBT-P 2255 (driven with external motor)
  • Lengths: Up to 10,000 mm
  • Widths: starting at 100 mm usable width for gravity roller applications
  • Loading: Depends on roller type and conveyor platform
  • Roller Diameters: Ranging from 0.75" to 3"
  • Roller Material: Various metals and plastics
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