System Elements- Track Roller Assemblies
The basic elements used to construct mk Linear Systems consist of a track and a carriage. The linear track consists of a clamping profile which is mounted directly to the support profile. The carriage consists of grooved rollers mounted to the carriage plate.

    ■  Compensate for relatively large misalignments
    ■  Well suited for dirty environments (dust, chips, etc.)
    ■  Suitable for high accelerations up to 50 m/s2
    ■  High speeds up to 10 m/s
    ■  Low rolling resistance
    ■  Light to medium loads
    ■  Economical add-on solution
    ■  Can be loaded in all directions
    ■  Excentric bushings eliminate play


Profile Track

The load capacity of the track is based primarily on the desired guide rod diameter and appropriate roller. mk offers guide rods in four diameters. The maximum length of linear assemblies is 6000 mm. This may be extended using multiple support profiles, rods and clamping profiles.

Adapter Profile Adapter Profiles are used in instanceswhere a larger supporting profile is required and the standard carriage interferes with such an arrangement. In addition, adapter profiles can be used to combine linear components of different profile series.
Carriage   The carriage is a simple linear element suitable for a multitude of applications. The mk carriage comes standard with four rollers, although optional two and three roller versions are available on request. Excentric bearings eliminate play and are installed preloaded.

Optional wiper housings act as safeguard as well as serve to remove dirt and other contaminants from the guide rod.

Track Roller Our high precision roller bearings are   offered for guide rod diameters of 6, 10,   16 or 20 mm.   Rollers feature dual-row ball bearings which are rubber sealed on both sides.
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