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Complete 1 Year Warranty

Warranty for All mk North America Products

mk North America's motto is "better products. better solutions."

In living up to this motto we feel that our warranty should reflect our dedication to bringing you the best possible products and solutions. Therefore, we are pleased to announce a COMPLETE one year warranty, in additional to our limited ten year warranty. 

We believe in our products and solutions, and this warranty is just another way to supporting that. All of our conveyors are engineered and built to last, assembled prior to shipping ensuring our customers a smooth installation. 

  • mk will repair or replace any defective parts. Normal wear is not warranted. 
  • mk will warrant to the original purchaser against defects in workmanship and material under normal use, proper maintenance and cleaning.
  • Unauthorized modifications or the use of non-mk replacement parts and building components voids the warranty.
  • mk is not responsible for labor, freight, duties or other associated costs associated with the defective parts, this includes the return of defective parts to mk.

mk North America does not warranty loss or damage to equipment, product or production, income or profits; caused by any defects in the mk equipment.

mk North America does not warranty for merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose; UNLESS IT IS AGREED TO BY MK AND THE CUSTOMER IN WRITING PRIOR TO PLACEMENT OF ORDER. 

See our WARRANTY DOCUMENTATION for complete details.