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Vision & Inspection Conveyors

mk North America offers a wide variety of conveyor solutions for vision and inspection applications. These engineered solutions include back-lit conveyors and hugger belt (or side-gripper) conveyors. Vision and inspection conveyors can be used for a variety of reasons including quality assurance purposes, product safety, product labeling and various assembly purposes. 


All of mk's vision and inspection conveyors are developed using mk's standard flat belt conveyors, in both aluminum and stainless-steel conveyor platforms. Back-lit conveyors feature an LED light panel built into the conveyor frame and are ideal when the product needs to be illuminated from below. Metal detector conveyors can be designed to use a specific metal detector, provided by the customer; or mk can provide the conveyor so the customer can integrate the metal detector on their own. Hugger style conveyors feature two belt conveyors, running on their sides; mounted to a linear module which allows for the spacing between the belts to be adjusted. Hugger style conveyors are ideal for printing on the bottom of a product, looking at the bottom of a product, or for bridging gaps between machines. 

As with all of mk’s engineered solution products, mk’s knowledge and experienced sales staff will guide you along the way. Detailed models and approval drawings are provided to ensure the proposed solution fits as required. And mk assembles and tests all conveyors prior to shipping; this ensures a smooth and easy installation at your facility.

We’re here to assist with your vision & inspection conveyor application needs.

Contact us online or call (860) 769-5500. Our experienced sales staff will be happy to assist you.