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CleanMove stainless steel conveyors provide state-of-the-art cleanability, performance, reliability and are designed to meet food and pharmaceutical industry standards. With three different conveyor system platforms and so many recommended applications, CleanMove makes it easy to meet industry and specific government compliance standards.

Sanitary Washdown Stainless Steel Conveyors for Standard & Custom Applications

  • CleanMove Standard is an excellent solution for conveying in a low moisture
    area where wipe down with mild detergents is required. CleanMove Standard
    features an all bolted stainless steel construction and is ideally suited for
    standard conveying packaged products.
  • The CleanMove Plus is ideal for conveying in a wet area where product spillage
    may occur and light wash down with mild detergents may be frequent.
    CleanMove Plus features a combination of welded and bolted construction as
    well as washdown rated drives and stainless steel bearings. Supports and
    bearings are spaced off the frame to allow for easy cleaning behind them.
    Food grade contact surfaces are standard.
  • CleanMove Ultra is designed for the most stringent cleaning processes, where
    caustic cleaning solutions and high pressure washdown are required.
    CleanMove Ultra features an open frame design, which allows for ease of
    cleaning the internal components, and an all welded construction to reduce
    the areas where bacteria might grow. Additionally all frame mounted
    components are spaced off the frame to allow for easy cleaning behind and
    around them. The Ultra is ideally suited for the meat, poultry and dairy
    industries where unpackaged product comes in direct contact with the

mk CleanMove Advantages:

  • Sanitary stainless steel construction
  • Designed to FDA, 3-A, NSF, and BISSC Regulations
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Heavy duty construction
  • High quality components and materials
  • Large variety of options and accessories
  • Custom engineered solutions


  • Transfers
  • Drive types
  • Support stands
  • Side rails
  • Automation controls

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