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VersaFlex is a flat top chain conveyor system and is ideal for complex layouts in three dimensional spaces.

VersaFlex Pallet-Handling Conveyor System is a completely modular solution for pallet-handling applications. This flexible chain conveyor (also known as table top chain conveyor) is ideal for conveying small pallets around corners, up inclines, down declines, lane merging, pallet stopping, locating and so much more.


The VersaFlex A08 is designed to use a standard pallet that is 150 mm wide, length may vary. This pallet is capable of carrying up to 22 lbs. The VersaFlex pallet handling system has a positional accuracy of ± 0.1 mm; when used with mk pallets and locating devices. Side transfers, corners and gates allow for the pallet to effortlessly travel around the facility and between various processes and stations.




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