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Positioning conveyors & Conveyor Parts Orientation

Positioning Conveyors

mk provides a wide variety of conveyor solutions for parts orientation and positioning. This includes conveyor options for holding product to the conveyor belt, including magnetic conveyors and vacuum conveyors. These conveyors can also be used to convey product up an incline without the use of cleated belts. Constructed using mk's GUF-P 2000 and GUF-P 2041 flat belt conveyors, our magnetic and vacuum conveyors feature several options and accessories. See images below video for examples of magnetic and vacuum conveyors.

Additional Orientation and Positioning Conveyor Options 

Adjustable width and side-gripper conveyors feature multi-lane conveyors mounted to linear positioning devices. Adjustable width conveyors can have a fixed lane and an adjustable lane or several adjustable lanes. These conveyors are ideal for conveyor lines running multiple part sizes. Side-gripper conveyors feature belt conveyors running on their sides with the space between the belts adjusted to properly grip the product from the side. You can see a side-gripper conveyor in action below.

Conveyors can also be outfitted with a variety of devices and fixtures for orientating parts. This includes product nests, either attached to the belt or at the end of the conveyor. Metering devices can also be used to ensure product orientation and placement.

Unsure about which type of engineered solution is belt suited for your parts orientation and positioning needs? Contact mk North America to review your needs and for selection assistance.

As with all of mk’s engineered solution products, mk’s knowledge and experienced sales staff will guide you along the way. Detailed models and approval drawings are provided to ensure the proposed solution fits as required. And mk assembles and tests all conveyors prior to shipping; this ensures a smooth and easy installation at your facility.

We’re here to assist with your positioning conveyor needs.

Contact us online or call (860) 769-5500. Our experienced sales staff will be happy to assist you.