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Special Enviroment Conveyors

Special Environment Conveyors

mk offers conveyors that work in many unique and special environments. Many times, the solution is as simple as changing out a component, such as the belt, to one more acceptable for a specific environment. Common settings and applications include clean rooms, food and pharmaceutical plants, explosive environments, abrasive environments and ovens and freezers. Both of mk's aluminum frame low profile conveyors and stainless steel hygienic conveyors are suitable for these kinds of locations.


Examples of mk Conveyors for Use in Special Environments and Applications

mk's stainless steel CleanMove conveyors are ideal in washdown environments. Within the CleanMove conveyor platforms the Plus class specifically designed for caustic cleaning and operating in caustic environments

While stainless steel conveyors from mk can be used in high temperature applications and environments, often time it's only the product that sees high temperature. In this case specialty belting can be used with standard aluminum frame conveyors. In extremely cold environments special care needs to be taken when selecting the right conveying platform, and mk is able to equip motors with space heaters. 

Abrasive applications, like those found glass and ceramics plants as well as various automotive processes; require a review of the application and product in order to determine the best possible engineered conveyor solution. Modifications to conveyors in these environments can include changing the belt and/or slider bed material. As well as modifications to the drive assembly and motor selection are also sometimes necessary.

In cleanroom and explosive environments, it is often necessary to adhere to specifications set forth by various regulating bodies. mk is able to offer conveyors to operate in clean rooms up to class 1,000. For explosive environments mk is able to offer solutions for the various classes and divisions, depending on the particulars of the application. 

As with all of mk’s engineered solution products, mk’s knowledge and experienced sales staff will guide you along the way. Detailed models and approval drawings are provided to ensure the proposed solution fits as required. And mk assembles and tests all conveyors prior to shipping; this ensures a smooth and easy installation at your facility.

We’re here to assist with your special environment conveyor needs.

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