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Accumulating Conveyor Systems

mk offers a multitude of engineered conveyor solutions for a variety of accumulation and storage applications. Products can be stored horizontally or vertically, and and our systems also allow items to be confined to a specific footprint or to occur freely as they move down the line. Our systems can also include alpine conveyors, bi-flow tables and rotary accumulation tables (also called a turntable).

Types of Accumulating Conveyor Systems

mk offers accumulation and storage conveyors in a wide variety of conveyor types including: belt conveyors, plastic modular belt conveyors, rotary accumulation tables, flat top chain conveyors and vertical storage units

Looking for low back pressure or zero back pressure accumulation? We can help with those applications as well. Our accumulating roller chain conveyors are ideal for low back pressure pallet applications, whereas our roller conveyors can be created in zones for zero back pressure conveying. 

mk assembles and tests all conveyors prior to shipping; this ensures a smooth and easy installation at your facility. We encourage product samples to be sent and gladly provide video or in-person run-offs. As with all of mk’s engineered products, our knowledge and experienced sales staff will guide you along the way. Detailed models and approval drawings are provided to ensure the proposed solution fits your requirements.

Unsure about which type of accumulation and storage solution is best suited for your particular application? Contact mk North America to review your needs and for selection assistance. 

We’re here to assist with your accumulation conveyor systems needs.

Contact us online or call (860) 769-5500. Our experienced sales staff will be happy to assist you.