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Indexing Conveyor Systems

Indexing applications focus around moving product at a set distance, in a step fashion. mk offers a wide variety of standard and custom indexing conveyor systems that suit a broad range of industry applications. 

For example mk's standard timing belt conveyor, ZRF-P 2010, is ideal for indexing pallets - especially when paired with indexing motors and controls. Indexing conveyors have a variety of uses and can increase the overall functionality of the production line. They provide precise production location and placement, allowing for manual and automated assembly. 

Types of Indexing Conveyors

Typically indexing conveyors are fitted with fixtures; which hold the part, product or assembly in place while it moves down the line. mk offers a full line of timing belt conveyors, such as the ZRF-P 2040; which is ready for part fixture attachments. Chain conveyors are ideal for indexing in harsh environments, and mk's line of stainless steel CleanMove conveyors are ideal for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

For applications requiring the highest accuracy in product movement, mk's ZRF-P 3000 wide timing belt conveyor; is the way to go. This conveyor model features motor and controller packages not available for other conveyor types. 

Stepper and servo motors are popular conveyor motor options from mk, as well as indexing controls featuring product sensors, encoders and product metering devices.

If a more robust indexing solution is necessary then mk's TKU 2040 may be the perfect fit. The TKU 2040 is an indexing chain conveyor that is outfitted with chain fixtures or pallets. This conveyor is ideal for use in metal working, robotics and the automotive industry. The versatility offered by conveying the product on a pallet allows for consistent conveying of even the most challenging product shapes. 

As with all of mk’s engineered solution products, mk’s knowledge and experienced sales staff will guide you along the way. Detailed models and approval drawings are provided to ensure the proposed solution fits as required. And mk assembles and tests all conveyors prior to shipping; this ensures a smooth and easy installation at your facility.


We’re here to assist with your indexing application needs.

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