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KTF-P 2010

Low Profile Roller Chain Conveyor System

mk offers the KTF-P 2010 roller chain low profile pallet handling conveyor.
mk chain conveyors are ideal for moving pallets
mk chain conveyor carrying small pallet with plastic part brush conveyor Dual lane chain conveyor mk chain conveyor

The KTF-P 2010 low profile chain conveyor serves as the basic system component for the manufacture of single, dual, or triple-strand material handling systems. Chains run on our low-friction wear strips and are designed for high load capacity.

Modular design and a bi-directional roller chain track makes the KTF-P low profile conveyor system an excellent choice for conveying solutions involving workpiece and other pallets, including those in the automotive, manufacturing, robotics, and other industries.


  • Frame: 100 mm deep profile
  • Pulley: 1/2" pitch, 22 tooth
  • Width: Each lane is 50 mm wide, outside frame width is nearly unlimited, single or multiple lanes
  • Length: 500 mm to 15,000 mm
  • Load: Up 2,200 lbs.
  • Speed: Up to 200 fpm; Constant or Variable speed options
  • Voltage: All standard US, Mexico and Canadian voltages
  • Chain: 1/2" pitch chain, single or duplex
  • Accessories: Compatible with all mk side rails and support
  • Modules: A wide selection available, refer to the System Modules page