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Conveyor Solutions: The Problem with Carrying Hot Products

Conveyors play an integral role in many industries. The systems are used for assembly, in processing facilities, and so much more.  

Because there are so many different possibilities when it comes to what’s being conveyed, understanding your specific needs and requirements is critical in getting the job done right.

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Industry 4.0, The Future Factory & Conveyor Belts

Manufacturing has come a long way since the inception of the industrial revolution in the 1800's and the rise of machines and factories. Today, new technologies continue to reshape how we live and work. The idea of robots working along-side human operators is no longer something out of a science fiction movie. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have made automation and efficiency possible for factories of all sizes.

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CleanMove Makes Food Safety Compliance Possible

Food safety has been a key focus of the FDA since President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) back in 2011. And rightfully so. Millions of Americans get sick each year from foodborne illnesses that could have been prevented.

For food plants, that has meant working hard to update and change procedures and equipment to remain in compliance with new food safety laws and standards. Everything from preventing contamination, to safe handling of produce and frequent inspections, are all part of the new mandates. 

Keeping up with all of these requirements is no easy task. They require state and local agencies and food plants to work together to achieve public health goals.

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AI Growth Keeps Production and Supply Chain Moving

Artificial Intelligence, the use of computer systems to perform functions once only possible by humans, is becoming a powerful tool for everyday life. From real-time traffic maps to improve commute times, to uploading a check using your bank’s mobile app – the applications for AI are endless.

What makes this technology unique is the ability for systems to learn over time and correct actions to make better, more efficient processes.

In manufacturing, AI is taking automation to all new levels. That means faster product development, increased innovation and more profitability.  These systems can assemble, move, transport and pack in ways never before possible.

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