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Preventive vs. Predictive Maintenance for Conveyors


It’s no secret that most of today’s manufacturing facilities depend on a variety of machines.  While many different machines contribute to a successful production cycle, few are as integral as conveyors.  After all, without conveyors, it would be difficult to move products quickly and efficiently through each stage of assembly and/or packaging. 

Now what happens when your conveyor system breaks down? Production comes to a grinding halt. As obvious as this may seem, it’s all too easy to prioritize other machines over your conveyors. Just remember: it’s not a question of “if” your conveyor will fail, it’s when.

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Robots Open New Doors for Complex Food Industry

conveyor robotics

Robots are being used at food processing and packaging facilities across the nation. They’re helping to reduce risks for human laborers, ensure businesses can expand and grow, and are also addressing a labor shortage in the manufacturing industry.

During a recent RIA webinar, “Robotics Next Frontier is Food,” Marketing Consultant Jim Beretta talked about the reasons why food automation has been slow going and is now starting to pick-up.

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New Manager of Human Resources & Accounting: Deanna Ridgway

Dee Ridgway employee at mk North America

Deanna (Dee) Ridgway joined mk North America, Inc. in January 2019 as Manager of Human Resources and Accounting.

“I’m delighted to announce that Dee Ridgway has joined mk North America. With a Human Resources, Payroll and Accounting skill set, Dee brings both strong formal education and practical hands-on experience to this important leadership role. With Dee joining our management team, I am confident that we have added an important individual that will assist in growing the company, while ensuring that we remain true to our human resource policies, programs, and practices.” – Andreas Haussmann, President.

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As New Processes Emerge, Bottling & Packaging Sector Experiences Steady Growth

bottling conveyor

Bottling, canning and processing of consumer goods is a constantly evolving market that must adapt to shifts in consumer needs. The sector has experienced growth in recent years that’s expected to continue as new processes emerge, according to numerous reports.

Speaking of the processing aspect, conveyors offer the necessary support to maintain consistent quality, integrity of packaging and work to ensure other mishaps (such as spoilage) don’t happen during the process. 

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Smart Manufacturing: Backlit Conveyors Help Optimize Operations

Today’s factories are getting smarter and more efficient than ever before. Thanks to emerging connected technologies and automation, smoother processes and greater accuracy are possible.

Collaborative robots are being used in these work environments to assist with intensive tasks and not only lessen dangers for human workers, but also to help businesses improve their profit margins.

This hot topic of “Industry 4.0” continues today and new updates in the manufacturing world are allowing for constant innovation.

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