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New Compact Curve for VersaMove

mk North America is pleased to announce the latest addition to the VersaMove pallet-handling conveyor system line – a compact curve module.

Pallet handling conveyor curve

This module does away with Lift and Transfer units on parallel and rectangular conveyor configurations – saving space and cost – all while maintaining the leading edge of the pallet. Available in 90° and 180° versions, this module is designed to work with pallets 240, 320 or 400 mm wide. This module can include its own drive or it can be driven off the mainline conveyors, resulting in further cost savings and reduced controls required for operation.

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Industrial Conveyors: Pallet, Roller, and Belt Conveyor Systems from mk

industrial conveyor with the mk North America logo

When it comes to industrial conveyors, there’s really no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why mk North America provides a wide selection of standard and engineered industrial conveyor solutions for industries like machine building, manufacturing, metal working, pharmaceuticals, robotics, food and beverage processing, and more.

Made with quality materials like t-slot aluminum extrusions or washdown-ready stainless steel, and featuring easy-to-mount accessories like side rails, stands, and more, mk conveyor systems are fully customizable and modular to allow for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Find more information about a selection of mk’s industrial conveyors below, or get in touch to learn more from a member of the team.

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Conveyor Systems Manufacturers for Material Handling, Automation & More

A closeup of a belt conveyor system from mk North America

Industrial conveyor systems are crucially important for a wide variety of applications and industries. From packaging to printing, food and beverage processing, shipping, manufacturing and more, conveyors are the backbone of numerous industries the world over.

That’s why, for many businesses, finding the right conveyor system manufacturer is so vitally important. Finding and integrating the right conveyor system can be the difference between thriving in a changing marketplace and struggling to keep up.

If you’re looking for a conveyor supplier and manufacturer to meet the demands of your industry, mk North America has the team to call.

Specializing in belt conveyors and pallet conveyors made with versatile, cost-effective t-slot aluminum extrusions, mk also offers sanitary stainless steel conveyors, custom framing systems and factory equipment, and more.

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The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing: Why and How to Go Lean

Workers on a lean production line.

Efficiency has never been more important to the manufacturing industry than now. This is especially true in North America, where higher costs of doing business place many manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage with global counterparts in places like China, India, and Indonesia.

How can North American manufacturers maximize productivity and reduce waste enough to remain competitive in the global marketplace? For many, the answer is with a set of principles and practices collectively known as lean manufacturing.

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Conveyor Systems from mk North America are Ideal for Assembly Line Automation

A conveyor system being used for automated assembly.

Ever since it was perfected by the Ford Motor Company in 1913 to produce the iconic Model T, conveyor-driven assembly has been the backbone of American manufacturing.

While much has changed since the first Model T rolled off of Ford’s assembly line, conveyors have remained a crucial part of manufacturing and the assembly process. As technology, market pressures, and more have evolved throughout the decades, conveyors have proved more than capable of keeping up.

With close to 30 years of history as a manufacturer of assembly conveyors and other material handling solutions for use in the automotive, electronics, machine building, manufacturing, and other industries, mk North America is on the cutting edge of modern assembly conveyor manufacturers.

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