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Pallet Conveyor Systems & Robotics: Working Together for Manufacturing Automation

A3 Pallet Conveyor

Automation and the use of robotics in the manufacturing industry isn’t a new concept, but the market is seeing explosive growth in recent years thanks to advancements in robotic technology. The American factory is now working more efficiently and effectively as automated solutions enter the workforce.

According to the latest research findings from the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), the leading global advocate for the benefits of automating, the market for automation and robotics shattered records in 2017. This growth builds on an upward trend seen over the last few years in the robotics market.

The research findings show that there were over twenty-seven thousand orders for robots worth approximately $1.473 billion in just the first nine months of 2017. This is the highest ever recorded in other years during the same time period. Industries including metals, automotive components and food and consumer goods led the charge.

In modern manufacturing, the use of robotic technologies to do tasks like pick, pack and move heavy objects are just the start to its capabilities. Robotics are also used for precision, to meet FDA regulations for food handling, and so much more. This eliminates errors, cut down on costs, increases productivity and removes humans from dangerous settings while limiting the need for manual operation.

To further this process optimization, conveyor systems  are used as a way to supply products to the various robots.  More specifically, pallet conveyor systems carry loads throughout the course of a production phase – lifting, stopping, transferring and positioning the products.

mk North America’s VersaMove product line is a modular, pallet-handling conveyor system that puts automation at the forefront. The flexible, versatile offerings are fabricated out of mk aluminum extrusion and can be used to meet the changing demands for assembly and testing in the automation industries. Offered in three versions to accommodate different load requirements ranging from the very lightest pallets up to 700 pounds per pallet, these systems can be easily set-up, expanded and reconfigured to meet manufacturing needs.

Sales and Business Development manager, Tom Schaffner commented, “mk North America is proud to be a member of Robotics Industries Association (RIA), a division of A3. We are thrilled to see such growth in this sector. The future is full of exciting possibilities in all areas of manufacturing.”

mk believes in offering not only a better product, but also a better solution. Contact us today for all your pallet conveyor system needs.


How Plastic Belt Conveyors Help Manufacturing Companies with Efficiency

Manufacturing efficiency is critical for industries across the globe. Improving operations and finding ways to do more with less is a constant requirement. Today, refining systems and getting employees on board and motivated to work is only half of the battle. The other important piece of the puzzle is having the equipment and technological innovations in place to optimize operations.

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Primer: What Is a Conveyor System? Overview with Video

A conveyor system with the mk North America Logo

Conveyors move bulk materials (lumpy or granular materials in a free-flowing form) or discrete products (individual products such as single widgets or packaged items) from one area to another, and serve as main material handling arteries to improve efficiency and throughput. Advances in materials, controls, and modular subcomponents have spurred new large conveyors for bulk material transport, miniature conveyors for discrete sorting, and everything in between.

Conveyors are used with a wide variety of products, and as a result come in an array of shapes and sizes, from widths of less than two inches for moving extremely small parts, to several feet wide. Once viewed as an afterthought, conveyors have become an integral element in nearly all automated facilities and applications.

If you’re looking for a quick primer on conveyor systems—what they are, what they’re for, and how to find the right one—you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more.

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Case Study: Bolts and Adjustable Width Conveyor

Recently, a customer came to mk North America with a material handling challenge involving various-sized bolts with four different types of head options. The bolts ranged in size from 6.25-inch to 36.25-inch. The bolts were threaded for either ⅝ or ¾ inch. The common material handling requirement between all of the bolts, 49 types in total, was to control the bolt end opposite of the head.

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Cooling Conveyors & Specialty Conveyors for Commercial Bakeries

baked goods in an mk North America conveyor system

Conveyor systems from mk North America are used in a variety of industries, but almost none are served as completely by mk products as commercial bakeries and other large-scale food and beverage processors.

While mk’s line of stainless steel CleanMove conveyors are versatile systems that can work with everything from raw meat to prepared foods, mk can also provide highly customized or standard systems designed for specific tasks unique to food production.

Cooling conveyors are one such class of system in which mk specializes, although they are far from the only specialty food production conveyors offered. Get in touch today or keep reading to learn more.   

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