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Flexible Pallet Conveyors

A Modular Approach to Pallet-Handling Conveyors

Plastic Chain Flexible Pallet Conveyors

VersaFlex pallet-handling conveyor systems utilize a 150 mm wide pallet, which is capable to carrying product up to 22 lbs./pallet. By conveying the product on a pallet it is easy to precisely stop and locate the pallet and this part. Additionally, the pallet or puck makes it easier to convey products that have irregular shapes or may be otherwise difficult to convey. 

Benefits of VersaFlex Pallet-Handling Conveyor Systems

  • Easy to expand and reconfigure
  • Allows for higher machine autonomy
  • Space saving designs and configurations
  • Excellent for accumulating product between stations
  • Simple and accurate positioning for automated processes
  • Can quickly be altered to adapt for changes to product
  • Easily conveys products that have unusual shapes or geometry
  • Offers a large variety of pre-engineered transfers, positioning and traffic modules

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