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Accumulation Table Conveyor

mk Part Number: Bi-Flow Conveyor

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Product Information for Accumulation Table Conveyor

Bi-flow accumulation table conveyors are ideal for storing product in a first-in first-out fashion or for storing large quantities of small products in random order

mk North America's bi-flow accumulation table conveyors allow you to accumulate a large quantity of product using limited linear floor space. Our bi-flow table conveyors are designed to carry multiple lanes of product, with lanes going in opposing directions. Bi-flow tables are designed with at least two rows of product.

Our bi-flow conveyor tables are not only ideal for accumulation needs; but they can also serve as a metered feed into your next operation. 

Depending on the product being conveyed and any space constraint a number of mk conveyor types can serve as the platform.  The two most popular mk conveyors for bi-flow tables are typically plastic modular belting (MBF-P 2040.02), but can also be flat top chain conveyors or even belt conveyors.  

An alternate to bi-flow conveyors are turntables or rotary tables (DTZ-P 2040). 

Technical Specifications for Accumulation Table Conveyor

  • Constructed out of standard conveyor components in a custom configuration to suit your needs
  • Available in two lanes and up
  • Lane dividers, end turns, etc. are all included
  • Product testing is encouraged
  • Conveying surfaces include – steel, acetal, polypropylene
  • Our bi-flow tables feature 2 motors, at opposite ends
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We're here to assist:
Call us at (860) 769-5500