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Benefits of Closed Sided Extruded Aluminum for Laboratories

Biomedical and pharmaceutical facilities are under pressure to maintain compliance in their workplaces while also increasing efficiency and maximizing output. Due to the potential for hazardous conditions, these facilities must work to maintain controlled, clean and fluid environments. To be set-up for success, they require workstations and equipment built with quality and safety in mind.

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mk North America's Sanitary Conveyors Aid In Food Safety Compliance


Few initiatives have been as critical to food safety awareness as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Signed into law by President Obama in 2011, the FSMA is a system of rules and regulations aimed at preventing contamination and recalls throughout the food industry.

Since its inception, national food recalls have dropped significantly. According to Pro Food World, a comparison of FSMA data with FDA recall data reveals that national food recalls have reached a five-year-low.

As impressive as this is, it’s important for food plants to keep this admirable safety momentum alive.

If you’re a food plant manager, you may be wondering: If we’re already in compliance, how can we improve our prevention methods even more?

By ensuring that you’re utilizing machines--like sanitary conveyors--that are designed to augment your existing food safety.

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The Importance of Having Conveyor Spare Parts

Conveyor spare parts keep your line up and running. 

Keeping conveyor spare parts in-stocks means:

  • having the ability to implement a maintenance plan - either PM or PdM
  • being prepared for the unexpected
    • Unexpected failures can come from a variety of sources, including acts-of-nature, operator, and upstream failures

Not only do our conveyor manuals include maintenance schedules, but they also include part lists for the conveyor. Not all conveyors are alike in length, width, speed and load capacity; there are certain spare parts in the manual that indicate that you should contact mk North America for more information. 

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Top 3 Reasons to Automate Manufacturing Processes

Automate manufacturing processes

The manufacturing industry has undergone a giant shift over the last few decades as new technologies have been introduced and automation takes priority. The benefits of these new technologically assisted systems are being recognized in material handling, packaging, as well as product assembly.

For businesses that want to remain globally competitive, now’s the time to invest in new ways to boost productivity levels and increase agility.

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How to Choose The Right Conveyor System For Your Application

While it often takes a variety of different machines and processes to make a manufacturing facility truly productive, few machines are as vital as conveyor systems. After all, conveyors are the champions of material handling. From medical supplies to auto parts, conveyors can be made to carry just about anything up or down the production line.

Still, in order to reap the benefits of automated conveyor systems, it’s important to pick a conveyor that best suits the needs of your process. In this article, we’ll explain how to choose the conveyor that will give you the best results.

In order to reach a sound decision, we recommend that you start by asking yourself five essential questions.

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