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Introducing Our New Low Profile Wide Timing Belt Conveyor

mk North America is pleased to introduce the ZRF-P 3000 - a wide, low profile, timing belt conveyor. This conveyor completes and compliments mk's timing belt conveyor offering.

The ZRF-P 3000 is constructed using mk's 40-series aluminum extrusion and features a single t-slot per side of the frame. The timing belt conveyor frame is 40 mm tall, plus the thickness of the slider bed and belt. This low profile conveyor is able to transfer (end to end) parts 162 mm or longer. 

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Aluminum Framing For Sneeze & Cough Guards

While we all try to practice safe distancing; it isn't always practical or possible. In these instances, small modular protective barriers are essential in keeping employees and customers safe. Continue reading to learn about the various options from mk.

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Wedge & Side Gripper Conveyors

A lot of various applications require the bottom of the product to be exposed - printing, labeling or inspection. Side gripper conveyors are the conveyance of choice in this instances. These conveyors work by gentling "pinching" or compressing the sides of the product. Back in 2017 we covered side gripper conveyors in detail. To refresh yourself on this topic check out that post

In this post we'll look at some of the advances and additional side gripper (or wedge) conveyor system that mk is now offering.

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Battery and Fuel Cell Industry Update

battery conveyor

We’ve covered the automotive industry in the past and today, fuel cell buses, trucks, cruise ships, and even forklifts are using new battery and fuel cell technologies. Experts say the next several years will see growth in both markets as they continue to play an important role in the future of the transportation sector as a whole.

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How Flexible Conveyors Can Help Maximize Floor Space & Production Capacity

spiral conveyor

There is perhaps nothing more vital to modern manufacturers than the optimization of production efforts. Indeed, the concepts of lean manufacturing are enticing, but putting those theoretical principles into action can be challenging sometimes. We all want to reduce waste while simultaneously boosting productivity; the question is: what’s the best way to accomplish it?

One powerful way to achieve great results is to maximize the floor space of your manufacturing facility. How can you do that? By utilizing flexible conveyor systems like VersaFlex

Here’s 3 different conveyor configurations you can utilize to get results.

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