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mk North America Looks Ahead to 2019

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mk North America

The year’s end always brings with it a time to pause and reflect as well as set new plans in motion for the New Year ahead.  

We’d like to express our sincere appreciation for the confidence and loyalty from our employees, customers and clients who work together each day to bring excellent services and solutions to the industry.

Andreas Haussmann, President of mk North America summarized it best when he said:

“At mk North America, we believe our people make the difference. It is their ingenuity, their passion, and their dedication that make mk stand out as the leading manufacturer of standard and custom material handling solutions.”

To continue the spirit of the holiday season, we’ve asked some of those who have made our progress possible to share their thoughts.

Kate Nadeau, Marketing Manager who has been with mk for the last 18 years, noted that she knew right away this was the company she wanted to work for and has appreciated the fact that she continues to learn each day at the company.

“When I interviewed to work for mk back in 2000, I left the interview at the same time the employees were heading home. Despite not knowing who I was, or why I was there; every person I walked by said “bye” or waved. I knew that was the company I wanted to work for. That hasn’t changed in the last 18 plus years. Another thing that hasn’t changed, during that interview I was told I would learn something new every time I came to work. Amazing people, the challenges and learning experiences – that’s what makes mk.” 

Steve Collison, who has worked as the Senior Account Manager at mk for the last year also wished the company a happy 30th anniversary and shared his pleasure in working with such a terrific staff each day.

“When you enjoy what you do and the people you work with, it means the company you work for has succeeded in building an organization that is destine to be the company that all other companies wish to be. That is what mk North America is to me. Happy 30th!”  

Terry Johnson, Production Coordinator at mk North America also commented that the internal teamwork is what keeps the company moving forward and growing each year.

“Congratulations to mk for 30 years in business. If the mk veterans continue to pass down their knowledge and expertise to the younger generation and new employees, I can envision us going strong for another 30 years. The future of mk looks very bright as long as we continue to work together as a team and make each other better every day with our actions and work ethic.”

Learn more about mk’s vision and offerings via our company overview video:

It is with pleasure at this holiday time that we say "thank you" and wish you a full year of happiness and success.

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