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The Wonderful World of Alpine Conveyors

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What are Alpine Conveyors, and how can they help you?

Alpine conveyors are a stacking conveyor system whose shape almost resembles a snowy mountain. Their spiral shape allows them to fulfill many different purposes when it comes to manufacturing, but most importantly, they provide compact and efficient vertical mobility. Products are able to climb or descend the conveyor, which is able to only take up a small area, especially when compared to a traditional conveyor ramp. Each oval on the Alpine Conveyor has its own potential for customizability. With their compact size and various uses, an Alpine Conveyor might just be the right tool to fit your manufacturing arsenal!

When are Alpine Conveyors applicable or needed in a conveyor system?

The biggest and most important purpose of alpine conveyors is to provide modular height accessibility for conveyor systems. One alpine conveyor could transport different products from one height level to any number of height levels above or below the product's elevation. In a way, Alpine Conveyors can be thought of as extremely efficient elevators that are safer for transporting products. Being able to move products at different heights is not the only application of Alpine Conveyors, as a simple elevator system could achieve that. Alpine conveyors allow for products to be efficiently stored during the manufacturing process. Due to the design of Alpine Conveyors being very dense, they are able to store and/or stall a large amount of products in one spot while the rest of the product line catches up in the overall manufacturing process. For example, jars or products could be stored in an Alpine Conveyor while the lids for said jars are created and transported over to the next step of the assembly line. Last, but certainly not least, the Alpine Conveyor System makes great use of the space provided for them. Since their design is so dense and compact, Alpine Conveyors are perfect for conveyor systems that don’t have much wiggle room to fit in many different machines. With its ability to fulfill so many different roles in the manufacturing process, an Alpine Conveyor might just be the perfect fit.

Benefits of Alpine Conveyors when compared to other conveyor systems

  • Compact and dense designs that allow for better use of limited space on production lines.
  • Low-sloping designs that allow for products to be distributed at many different heights in a more efficient manner than elevators.
  • Gradual elevation changes, along with a combination of horizontal and curve sections provides a design that allows for safe transfer of products without needing extra safety precautions.
  • Due to their compact design, Alpine Conveyors allow for extraordinarily efficient product accumulation, allowing for safe product stacking.
  • Are able to slot into preexisting systems due to their small size and compactness.
  • Due to the overall length of an alpine conveyor, they can be used to transport products at an extremely slow rate. This can be very useful when a product’s temperature needs to be changed over a long period of time while still keeping the production line running.
  • Alpine conveyors can easily be mixed and matched with other conveyor types, and can be added to existing conveyor lines more easily than other traditional conveyor types.

Alpine Conveyors offered at mk

mk North America offers alpine conveyors in our VersaFlex line of flexible table top chain conveyors.  These conveyor offerings are extremely versatile and customizable for all of your conveyor needs.


Overall, Alpine Conveyors are some of the most unique and wonderful conveyor designs available to modern-day manufacturers. They’re a tool in the arsenal of every production line that can be used to replace or augment preexisting systems, boosting them to new levels of efficiency not thought of before. If your production line needs a new boost to its power, an Alpine Conveyor may just be the perfect conveyor for your manufacturing system.

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