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Vacuum Conveyors in Print Production

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The printing industry is high-demand, fast-paced and above all else, requires accuracy. Print production facilities are responsible for consistent quality if they want to remain competitive. Whether it’s traditional newspapers, graphics for magazines, or product labels on consumer packaging, any unnecessary downtime can result in significant financial losses, so solutions must be in place to keep the print production line moving.

To ensure that these needs are met, vacuum conveyors are a great fit. These conveyors work to hold the product (such as a light piece of paper) to the conveyor belt. With this, the operations can achieve increased speeds without sacrificing quality.

How Vacuum Conveyors Work

To hold lightweight items in place on the conveyor, a vacuum pump is located external to the conveyor and plumbed to the conveyor.  The conveyor frame and belt are “perforated” and when the product, in this case paper, covers the perforations or holes in the belt, the vacuum pulls it down or holds it in place for printing and coating processes to take place. The constant suction happens at the same time as the conveyor moves rapidly along – allowing print production facilities to maintain productivity levels and meet aggressive delivery deadlines.

Benefits of Vacuum Conveyors for Print

Vacuum conveyors are great for high-speed applications in print. They provide precision and control necessary in these high-demand environments. Whether materials are moving up an incline or must stay in place during the print production phases, vacuum conveyors are key. No special clamping is required to keep the paper in place to move the product through to completion. With the conveyor frame completely sealed, aside from the area in which the vacuum is pulling, it can hold items in place in any direction. The video below displays how items can be held from the top.

This is a custom application and in this case, the product is rejected (pushed down off the conveyor) when it does not pass inspection. Overhead conveying like this can also be used when printing on the bottom of an item.

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