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What Are Engineered Solutions for Conveyors?

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What are “engineered solutions”? And how do they apply to conveyors? Just as it sounds it is a conveyor specifically engineered to solve a problem.

But aren’t all conveyors engineered? Yes and no. Continue reading to learn more.

Conveyor Engineering and Design

Most conveyor applications can be fulfilled using a predesigned, or pre-engineered conveyor. Conveyor manufacturers, such as mk North America, offer a wide variety of standard conveyor options. These standard conveyor options, have been pre-engineered, studied, built, and tested hundreds of thousands of times.

Many conveyor manufacturers, including mk, tailor these standard conveyors to fit an application’s particular needs. The customer can select the width, length, and height of the conveyor. And the conveyor manufacturer will assist the customer in ensuring the best conveyor platform is utilized and will size the drive according to the applications requirements. This is what is considered a modular approach to conveyor design.

Engineered Solutions for Conveyors

However, conveyors are not limited in moving product from point A to point B. Conveyors can de designed to provide a solution, or aide in a solution, for many complex material handling challenges. This is where “engineered solutions” come in. In these instances, sales engineers and mechanical design engineers work together with the customer and/or systems integrator to develop a comprehensive solution for a particular application.

Examples of Engineered Solutions

Engineered conveyor solutions can provide solutions for a number of commonplace conveying challenges. Check out the list below to learn more. Visit this webpage for a complete listing of Engineered Conveyor Solutions from mk North America. 

Back-Lit Conveyors for Vision and Inspection

Back-lit conveyors feature a light panel within the conveyor frame and provide contrast between the conveyor belt and the product. The light panels are typically LED and come in a variety of colors and sizes. 


Line Access Conveyors

Lift gate conveyor for line access
In this example a flat belt conveyor is used as a lift gate in conjunction with a curved plastic modular belt conveyor. 


Indexing Conveyors

Timing belt conveyors provide a high level of precision, which is a critical quality in most indexing conveyor applications. 


To see a more complete listing of our Engineered Solutions for conveyors; please visit this webpage. If you would like more information about what you've seen above or to get started on your next project call us at (860) 769-5500 or complete the form below.

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