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Workstation Considerations for the Biomedical Field

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Workstation Considerations for the Biomedical Field

The biomedical field is an extremely complicated and difficult field to work in. These difficulties seep their way into every aspect of the field, especially the workstation. Due to the dangerous nature of some biomedical research and production, making sure that all workers are safe and sound is a top priority for those in biomed. Ensuring a sanitary, safe, and reliable work station will improve the health of your workers and help prevent customers from getting sick. If these considerations are not taken into account and implemented, it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Putting in the time and money to avoid those problems might be the saving grace that saves your company, and attracts the best workers.

  1. Make sure that the work station is isolated from the outside world. Having an airlock or decontamination spray down when entering or leaving the workstation ensures that no unwanted harmful objects can escape into or out of the lab. This keeps the products untampered with, while also keeping everyone outside the workstation safe from anything dangerous. 

  2. Using stainless steel or other sanitary materials for the workstation - such as mk's closed sided aluminum extrusion - is a must. Whether it's a table, desk, conveyor, or tools, all the items within the work cell should be sanitary and sanitizable. Even just one especially dirty item could completely ruin any work done for the day in the bio-med field. Doing anything and everything to prevent this is crucial, even if those actions might seem small or costly on paper. Quality glassware, workspace, and building materials can all help prevent any workspace accidents that could seriously cost your company. If you’re looking for stainless steal conveyors for the manufacturing of biomedical processes, mk North America is the company you want. Browse our CleanMove line of conveyors here!

  3. Clean anything and everything at the start and end of each day. Just in case anything does, leak into the workstation, or if any of the objects in the work station get contaminated, consistently cleaning a workstation will be sure to eliminate any dangerous bacteria or chemicals. As long as these three steps are carried out, the chances of anything dangerous happening to employees or customers is very slim.

  4. Bacteria and chemicals aren’t the only dangers present to employees in the biomedical workstation. Just like every other workstation, you should prioritize employee safety when moving around the workstation. Especially within the biomedical field, where employees will often times be transporting delicate materials that could cause massive workstation issues if broken. Clean floor space and paths are the biggest and easiest way to make work areas safer in this regard.

  5. Preventing exhaustion in the workplace is always important, but with a field as precise as biomed it's ever more so. Whether it be handling dangerous materials, making sure to perfectly clean every surface, or ensuring that nothing contaminated is allowed in or out of the workstation, an alert employee. Allowing employees to take breaks and vacations when needed will be worth it to prevent any potentially massive mistakes. 


Improving the quality of a workstation in the biomedical can be a massive cost saver over a long period of time. The more cracks left in the system from not implementing all possible safety precautions, the higher the chance for things to go dreadfully wrong. If everything does go wrong, it will cost an immense amount, and may even put human lives in danger. Buying the best materials, thorough cleaning practices, and healthy work life balances for employees are all crucial steps in making sure that everything stays safe in a biomed workstation.

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