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System Layout Examples

Pallet-Handling Conveyor System Example Layouts

Discover the endless possibilities with VersaMove workpiece pallet systems! From diverse layouts to unique configurations, the options are limitless. The examples below showcase just a glimpse of what's achievable. Combine different setups to create even more complex and efficient layouts tailored to your needs.


In-LineVersaMove Standard, Plus and Ultra

Over/Under: VersaMove Standard, Plus and Ultra

Carousel: VersaMove Standard

Serpentine: VersaMove Standard

Parallel: VersaMove Standard, Plus and Ultra

Rectangular: VersaMove Standard, Plus and Ultra

mk's pallet conveyors, part of the VersaMove system, offer versatile configurations to suit various industrial needs. These configurations include:

  • Straight Conveyors: Ideal for linear transport of pallets.
  • Curve Conveyors: Allows pallets to navigate turns smoothly.
  • Transfer Units: Facilitates the transfer of pallets between different conveyor lines or processes.
  • Lift and Rotate Units: Enables pallets to be lifted and rotated for positioning or assembly.
  • Merge and Divert Units: Combines or separates pallets as needed for efficient flow.
  • Elevators: Moves pallets vertically between different levels.
  • Specialty Modules: Custom modules designed for specific applications, such as accumulation, buffering, or queuing.

Each configuration can be customized and combined to create complex layouts tailored to optimize workflow and productivity in various industries like manufacturing, packaging, and logistics.