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Wide Flexible Flat Top Chain Conveyor

mk Part Number: VersaFlex A29

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Product Information

The VersaFlex A29 is wide flexible flat top chain conveyor for products 25 to 300 mm wide, that might require more support across the width than what would be conveyed on a VersaFlex A17.

Conveyor Features:

  • Frame Width: 300 mm
  • Chain Width: 295 mm
  • Product Width: 25-300 mm
  • Length: up to 30 m
  • Curves: minimum radius of 160 mm
  • Load: Up to 440 lbs.
  • Speed: Up to 165 fpm; Constant or Variable speed options
  • Voltage: All standard US, Mexico and Canadian voltages

Technical Specifications

  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Features a double t-slot, see image below
  • Frame width is 300 mm
    • Chain width is 295 mm
  • Frame height is 95 mm
  • Chain pitch is 33.5 mm
  • Maximum product weight
    • Horizontal conveying: 33 lbs.
    • Vertical conveying: 22 lbs
  • Features a direct drive for a economical and space saving design
  • Minimum curve radius is 700 mm

Product Options

  • Small product end transfers
  • Side transfers
  • Stand options includes
  • Side Rail options includes
    • Fixed side rails, removable
    • Adjustable side rails, removable
    • Side rails with product hold down rails
  • A wide variety of chain options
  • Flexible chain conveyor chain options