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Indexing Chain Conveyor

mk Part Number: TKU 2040

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Product Information for Indexing Chain Conveyor

The TKU 2040 is a fixtured indexing chain conveyor, which features an attachment chain. Pallets or fixtures (often V-blocks) are mounted to the chain, providing a workpiece holder for the product. The TKU 2040 is specifically designed for defined, position-based (cycled or indexed) operation.

This conveyor is available in a fixed or adjustable width. The adjustable width model allows for products of varying lengths or widths to be carried on a single conveyor.

Indexing Chain Conveyor Features:

  • Pallet Spacing: per application, in 1" incremental spacing
  • Pallets or Fixtures: Supplied and installed by mk
  • Width: 195 mm to 1,500 mm - Adjustable Width Available as an Option
  • Length: 1,000 mm to 8,000 mm
  • Load: Up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Speed: Up to 60 fpm
  • Repeatability: ± 1 mm possible
  • Voltage: All standard US, Mexico and Canadian voltages
  • Accessories: Compatible with all mk side rails and supports

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Technical Specifications for Indexing Chain Conveyor

  • Constructed using our mk 2040.02 structural profile
    • 80 mm deep anodized aluminum frame
    • Dual t-slot along both sides of the frame
  • UHMW-PE wear surfaces 
  • Maintenance free dual-sealed ball bearings
  • Fixed and adjustable width options
    • Adjustable width is offered with manual or semi-automatic adjustment features
    • Adjustable width requires the use of v-blocks, not pallets
  • Direct drive for low backlash operation
  • Conveyor return can be outfitted for various accessories including encoders
  • Optional lubrication station to reduce maintenance
  • A variety of protective guards

Product Options for Indexing Chain Conveyor

  • Encoders
  • Oil drip pans
  • Lubrication station
  • Covers and guards
  • Custom motor and control options
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We're here to assist:
Call us at (860) 769-5500