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ZRF-P 2040

Attachment Timing Belt Conveyor

mk North America offer the ZRF-P 2040 attachment timing belt conveyor.
mk ZRF-P 2040 attachment timing belt conveyor
An attachment timing belt conveyor carrying small rods v-block attachments on a timing belt conveyor with threaded inserts narrow timing belt conveyors Timing belt conveyor with black attachments Bronze inserts on a timing belt conveyor
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The attachment timing belt conveyor ZRF-P 2040 is designed especially for product indexing applications where a cleated, or fixtured belt is required, or for wider timing belt applications. This conveyor is ideal for special conveying requiring positioning or loading of products. Depending on the product and the application, custom fixtures and other belt widths are available.

Conveyor Features:

  • Frame: 80 mm tall
  • Pulley: AT10 pitch, 32 tooth
  • Width: 80 mm and 120 mm
  • Length: 500 mm to 10,000 mm
  • Load: Up to 800 lbs. per pallet, 1,500 lbs. per drive
  • Speed: Up to 200 fpm; Constant or Variable speed options
  • Voltage: All standard US, Mexico and Canadian voltages
  • Belting: AT10 Timing Belt; available with M4 inserts in the belt or cleats ultrasonically welded to the top surface, also available are a number of belt coatings including nylon and grip top
  • Accessories: Compatible with all mk side rails and supports