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VersaMove Pallet Conveyors

Modular Pallet Conveyors for Versatile Manufacturing

At mk North America we believe in offering you better products and being your partner to better solutions. With three different VersaMove pallet system platforms, we offer a size to meet just about any loading requirement. Within each system we offer a variety of conveying solutions and system modules to further match the unique aspects of your individualized product line.

Pallet Conveyor System Selection


Pallet Conveyor Benefits:

VersaMove is a non-synchronous workpiece pallet-based conveyor system designed to improve manufacturing productivity and product quality while allowing for maximum process flexibility.

VersaMove conveyors and pallet transfer systems are offered in three platforms: VersaMove Standard, VersaMove Plus, and VersaMove Ultra to suit a wide range of applications. Each platform offers a complete series of pallet transfer, positioning, and control modules to satisfy the varied requirements of manual or automated assembly operations.

VersaMove pallet conveyors are pre-engineered and modular. The system can be easily expanded or reconfigured as your manufacturing needs change. Our conveyors can be used in a variety of layouts, or combined for even greater flexibility in planning production processes.

mk VersaMove Advantages:

Belt Options - Flat Top Chain, Timing Belt and Accumulating Roller Chain are included in our versatile belting options. We are confident we can help find the solution perfect for you.

System Modules - Offered within the three VersaMove platforms are innovative modules that will compliment your pallet conveyor system. Modules include pallet stops, pallet soft stops, lift & locate, elevator, lowerator, both single and dual right angle lift & transfers, lift and rotates and more! Each module is an integral piece of the VersaMove system.

Configurations - Utilizing a footprint that best fits your needs, these standard configurations and be combined and configured to maximize your production and workflow. mk offers six standard configurations including the simple straight In-Line, Carousel, Serpentine, Over/Under, Parallel and Rectangular.

With three different conveyor system platforms and four different types of conveying medium it’s the great versatility and quality modules that make VersaMove a great solution. See our VersaMove Product Brochure for more details.

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