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Gravity Roller Conveyor

mk Part Number: RBS-P 2066/2255

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Product Information for Gravity Roller Conveyor

mk offers gravity roller conveyors in various widths and flexible lengths. Straight and curve modules are offered for each conveyor type. This gravity roller conveyor is ideal on lines in which the operator is responsible for moving along the process. The RBS-P 2065 features a single t-slot and a 75 mm deep frame. The RBS-P 2066 features dual t-slots and a 100 mm deep frame. The RBS-P 2255 features dual t-slots (located on top and bottom of frame) and has a 120 mm deep frame. The RBS-P 2255 also has optional side guards to a highly aesthetic look. 

Gravity Roller Conveyor Features:

  • Lengths: Up to 10,000 mm
  • Widths: starting at 100 mm usable width for gravity roller applications
  • Loading: Depends on roller type and conveyor platform
  • Roller Diameters: Ranging from 0.75" to 3"
  • Roller Pitch: Custom selectable based on product size
  • Roller Material: Various metals and plastics

Technical Specifications for Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity Roller Options:

  • Roller Diameter: 0.625", 0.75", 1.12", 1.9"
  • Roller Material: (varies based on diameter) Stainless Steel, PVC, Aluminum, Carbon Steel
  • Roller Coatings: PU and PVC for 1.9" diameter
  • Roller Width: (varies based on diameter) from 4" up to 48"
  • Roller Spacing: based on product size, minimum of three rollers under product at all times

Product Options for Gravity Roller Conveyor

  • Lane dividers and side rails
  • Custom supports
  • End stops
  • Discharge chutes
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We're here to assist:
Call us at (860) 769-5500