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VersaMove Standard

VersaMove Plus Workpiece Pallet Conveyors

The VersaMove Standard is our latest workpiece pallet system development, and was designed to round out our pallet conveyor offerings. The VersaMove Standard is designed for conveying smaller, lighter pallets, but it is by no means a light duty system.

The SFC-P 1010 is a twin strand flat top chain conveyor perfect for carrying work pallets through curves, while the SRF-P 1010 and ZRF-P 1010 are more suited to accumulation and timing applications, respectively.

Ideal for pallet loads up to 80 lbs. each and pallets sized 160 x 160 mm to 640 x 640 mm, VersaMove Standard is an ideal pallet conveyor system for the electronics, automotive, medical, computer hardware, communications, and personal healthcare industries.