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FPF-P 2045

Small Pallet Conveyor Side-Flexing Flat Top Chain

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The side-flexing chain conveyor, FPF-P 2045, is ideal for conveying small pallets around corners and loops.  It also allows the leading edge of the pallet to be maintained (which is critical in some processes) without the use of lift and rotate units; providing a cost saving design.

Conveyor Details:

  • Frame: Constructed out of mk anodized aluminum extrusion with a UHMW-PE wear surface, 98 mm tall x 45 mm wide lane, single t-slot per side
  • Width: Designed for pallets 240 mm wide up to 400 mm wide
  • Load: Up to 80 lbs. per pallet load, 700 lbs. per drive
  • Speed: Up to 90 fpm 
  • Length: Up to 20,000 mm
  • Voltage: All standard US, Mexico and Canadian voltages
  • Chain: Side flexing flat top chain, 1.25-inch wide
  • Side Rails: Incorporated into the frame design
  • Stands: Compatible with all mk stand designs
  • Modules: A wide selection available, refer to System Modules page