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Workpiece Pallets

mk North America offers a wide variety of sizes and materials for industrial workpiece pallets, which allows the customer to select the pallet most compatible with their needs.  

Our pallets feature a removable workpiece; which allows for quick and modifications to the pallet. Need to modify the pallet even faster? mk pallets are constructed out of our anodized aluminum extrusion which features a top-side t-slot for additional mounting options.

 Standard Pallet Features

  • Sizes ranging from 160 x 160 mm to 1200 x 1200 mm
  • Rubber bumpers in the corner; which can easily be replaced if needed
  • UHMW-PE bottom wear surface
  • mk aluminum extrusion profile construction
  • Aluminum and steel workpieces
    • Workpieces are 44 mm smaller than the pallet

Custom Pallets Feature

  • Custom sizes
  • Solid material construction (no profile frame)
  • Workpiece material modifications
  • Workpiece material selection