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Conveyor Stand Options

Using our Modular Aluminum Framing System, we are able to offer you an enormous variety of stand options, including height-adjustable stands for easy system adjustments. Other options include floor mounting brackets, rollers, casters, and leveling pads.

Fixed Height:

Cast Base Extruded Aluminum Conveyor Stand

Stand System 51.2 Cast Base

Bi-Pod Extruded Aluminum Conveyor Stand with Leveling Pads

Stand System 52.5 Bi-Pod w/ Leveling Pads

Extruded Aluminum Conveyor H-Stand with Leveling Pads

Stand System 55.1 H-Stand w/ Leveling Pads

Adjustable Height:

Extruded Aluminum Conveyor Leg Support

Stand System 52.6

Stand System 53.1

Stand System 53.2

Stand System 53.11

T-Slot Extruded Aluminum Conveyor H-Stand

Stand System 53.12

Stand System 53.22