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Accumulation Conveyor Case Study

Problem Defined

Transporting Materials that are Dangerous to Both Humans and Many Traditional Conveyor Systems

Accumulating potentially hot, sharp metal parts was the goal for this custom engineered solution from mk North America. When a leading clutch assembly manufacturer discovered this challenge, combined with the need to funnel parts single-file off a conveyor, they turned to mk. 

mk North America's Custom Solution

Creating a Custom Conveyor to Fit a Unique Way of Transporting Otherwise Dangerous Products

mk's Sales Engineers worked closely with the customer to understand all the particulars for the various aluminum parts that needed to accumulate. Then working in partnership with some of the premier suppliers of metal belting in the industry, the ideal belt was selected. A versatile flatwire belt, which was customized to have particular lateral openings that worked well with the various products, was chosen. This belt met the extreme demands of accumulating sharp metal parts. However, mk's design engineers still had to develop a conveyor to work with the belt, as well as meet the customer's additional size and function parameters. Using the vast array of mk standard conveyor platforms; mk design engineers were able to pull from and combine multiple conveyor platforms, drives and rails to develop a conveyor as unique as the application.

Customer Benefits

  • Accumulation and staging of hot sharp products
  • Custom solution and a custom conveyor with little added lead time and cost