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VersaFlex AP10 | Assembly Magazine

VersaFlex AP10 – Pallet and Puck Handling Conveyors

mk's AP10 conveyor system is for conveying small pucks and pallets with light to medium-duty loads. We designed the AP10 conveyor system around mk's VersaFlex A10 flexible flat top chain conveyor; and it incorporates pallet stops and pallet locating devices. 

Conveyor Pallets Available:

  • 250mm W x 225 mm L (1.8kg)
  • 300mm W x 300 mm L (2.3kg)

Pallet load capacity is 30 kg, which includes the above listed pallet load. The conveyor pallets are cast-aluminum pallets, and come fully assembled with locating bushings as well as two acetal (POM) guide discs with steel slide plates that run on the chain. An RFID tag holder is also included, in all pallets, for customer supplied sensing and tracking.