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Pallet Transfer Systems

How Conveyors and Robots Create Safer Environments in Metalworking


The metalworking industry is experiencing strong growth today as demands for fabrication and production increases worldwide. While the market is being driven by a healthier economy and a rise in demand, there are still key challenges that manufacturers at these plants must address.

In this post, we’ll look at how conveyors, together with robots, help to make these risk-intensive environments safer.

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Machine Guarding: Solving Safety & Compliance Needs in Your Facility

machine guarding

Safety in the manufacturing industry is essential. Each year thousands of facilities are issued citations and fines that can reach upwards of thousands of dollars for failing to adhere to strict safety guidelines put in place by regulators such as OSHA.

Manufacturing facilities around the U.S. have some of the greatest hazards present in their work environments. Here, violations for non-compliance with safety protections for worker health is high. Falling into the #9 position as one of the most cited violations for 2018 is the lack of machine guarding.

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Robots Open New Doors for Complex Food Industry

conveyor robotics

Robots are being used at food processing and packaging facilities across the nation. They’re helping to reduce risks for human laborers, ensure businesses can expand and grow, and are also addressing a labor shortage in the manufacturing industry.

During a recent RIA webinar, “Robotics Next Frontier is Food,” Marketing Consultant Jim Beretta talked about the reasons why food automation has been slow going and is now starting to pick-up.

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Manufacturing Ergonomics: Designing Injury-Resistant Workstations

workplace safety

We hear a lot about the importance of safety training and ergonomics in the workplace today. Protecting workers from harm should be the number one priority--especially in manufacturing--where repetitive motions and heavy lifting can put workers in danger. In these settings, it’s important to ensure they have the tools necessary to protect themselves from Musculoskeletal Disorders, like a pinched nerve, muscle tear, herniated disc, or other strain.

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