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How Flexible Conveyors Can Help Maximize Floor Space & Production Capacity

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There is perhaps nothing more vital to modern manufacturers than the optimization of production efforts. Indeed, the concepts of lean manufacturing are enticing, but putting those theoretical principles into action can be challenging sometimes. We all want to reduce waste while simultaneously boosting productivity; the question is: what’s the best way to accomplish it?

One powerful way to achieve great results is to maximize the floor space of your manufacturing facility. How can you do that? By utilizing flexible conveyor systems like VersaFlex

Here’s 3 different conveyor configurations you can utilize to get results.

Alpine Conveyors

Commonly used for product accumulation, alpine conveyors can be employed as an elevating and lowering system. This creation of elevated and lower levels can help maximize vertical space: rather than take up precious real estate on the production floor, alpine conveyors allow product to accumulate on three or more levels. 

Wedge Conveyors

Like a continuously moving  elevator, wedge conveyors are designed to take products from the production floor to a higher or lower level. “Wedged” between two parallell conveyors, these conveyors are flexible solutions that can move a variety of products vertically. Products can be elevated or lowered along a straight path, in a U shape, or in a loop. Thanks to these configuration options, manufacturing facilities can make smart use of vertical space, which will create more room on the production floor. 

Incline Conveyors

Ideal for hopper applications, stamping, walk-unders, and for feeding parts into bowl feeders, incline conveyors can offer flexible elevation solutions. When equipped with horizontal sections, incline conveyors can be used to move products in and around tight corners and spaces efficiently. This maneuverability can help facility managers free up floor space while connecting key processes throughout the production line. 

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mk North America is a leading manufacturer of flexible conveyor systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to design conveyor solutions for a variety of unique applications. If you want to truly optimize the layout of your plant, then evaluating the configuration of your conveyor systems is a great place to start. Call us or fill out the form below to learn more about how we can help you. 

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