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Improve Medical Product Handling With The Right Conveyor

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Within the medical manufacturing industry, there is perhaps nothing more important than quality control. It is, after all, an industry filled with special rules and regulations. By the time the products reach the consumer, they are expected to be free of contamination.

While medical products must go through a variety of stages during the material handling process, utilizing the right conveyor system is arguably the most crucial.

Knowing this, it is common to wonder: which conveyor system will handle my medical products efficiently?

The answer to this question will depend on whether you require sanitary or non-sanitary conveyors.

Sanitary Conveyors: CleanMove Conveyors

Many medical products, such as first aid supplies, IV bags, and surgical instruments, must be handled in a sanitary environment. For these situations, consider mk North America’s line of sanitary washdown conveyors. Available in 3 different iterations--standard, plus, and ultra--these conveyor systems are built with cleanliness in mind. Not only can they withstand high levels of washdown pressure, but the CleanMove Ultra features an all welded construction and an open frame design. The benefit here is that the areas where bacteria might grow are reduced, and it allows operators to easily clean the internal components

Non-Sanitary Conveyors: Modular Plastic Conveyors

Many medical products are made from injection molded, blow molded, or thermally formed plastics. For such non-sanitary environments, mk North America’s are ideal. Not only can they be made to accommodate a variety of different elevation levels, they are also remarkably durable. What’s more, if it does sustain damage, you won’t always have to replace the entire belt; on the contrary, modular plastic makes it possible to replace just the damaged part of the belt.

Need a Custom Conveyor For Your Medical Handling Needs? Contact mk North America

We understand that the medical industry is constantly changing. With every new advancement, there is a need for manufacturing systems to keep up. mk North America is driven and inspired by modern technology. If you’re in need of something completely custom, then look no further--we’re the perfect conveyor manufacturer for you. If you’re serious about improving your medical product handling processes, then contact us today.  

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