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Productivity in Packaging: How Conveyors Offer Benefit

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Manufacturing companies involved in the packaging of goods are in a unique position today. On one hand the market and job outlook is strengthening as consumer spending confidence goes up.

On the other hand, demands for faster, more streamlined processes and cost savings puts companies at a requirement to do more with less.

Thanks to automation and advanced technologies, achieving these goals are possible.

Not only does automation speed up processes, it also offers increased safety and can lower operating costs. Coupled with the use of conveyors, these packaging facilities are able to move more product, offer greater quality output and improve overall ROI.

Here are just some of the ways belt conveyors are providing benefit to the packaging sector.

Waste Reduction

Damaged goods in a production and packaging facility can account for huge losses. The goal to minimize unusable product can only be met with the use of automation. In addition to lost costs, there is also the risk of damaging company creditability when low quality makes it out of the line. Better monitoring and handling also reduces waste which is another issue that can harm the bottom line. Automated systems are less prone to human error and will spot inconsistences to reduce these issues before they can have a negative impact on business.

Streamlined Operations

The advancement of conveyor system technologies has made it possible for these systems to do more than just transport goods and materials from one location to another in a facility. They can now also perform functions like weighing and scanning items, sorting items and even perform inspections – some without the need of a human operator. Operations become much more streamlined when the processes can be completed at lower costs, more efficiently and with more accuracy. That’s a huge advantage to using conveyors for packaging. There’s also the fact that speedier process and less overhead also create room for higher returns and larger financial gains.

Competitive Advantage

Maintaining optimal operations and succeeding at financial goals are terrific. There is an additional benefit though that having conveyors in the packaging facility brings. It’s a competitive advantage. The ability to meet current demands and scale quickly to meet future needs is critical for success in any operation.

With mk North America’s modular belt conveyor systems, manufacturing facilities achieve greater flexibility and scalability needed to get the job done. Looking for a solution? Get in touch today!


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