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Packaging Conveyors

mk North America offers a wide variety of packaging conveyors to suite the many and varied needs of the packing industry.

The packaging industry has many different process requirements; from moving product into packages, marking packages, to stacking or sorting of the packages — and mk has a conveyor for all of these processes.

Packaging Conveyor Types

Our wide selection of belt conveyors can be used in filling and capping applications. While our flat top chain conveyors and plastic modular belt conveyors are ideal for moving heavy loads to a case packer. mk's VersaFlex, flat top chain conveyors, are ideal for moving good around the facility to various packaging locations and operations. This conveyor can go around curves and up inclines.

We also offer roller conveyors, both gravity and driven, which can be used in manual and or automatic palletizing operations.

Additionally mk offers a wide range of linear modules and factory automation products which provide a comprehensive solution for your packaging application.