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Conveyors for the Plastics Industry

The plastics industry requires high quality conveyors, delivered quickly and at an economical price.  This criteria makes mk North America the perfect partner in this industry.  

mk offers several types of conveyors commonly used in the plastics industry. The mk low profile belt conveyors are ideal for fitting into small spaces; and they can be fitted for cleats for incline conveying.  The mk plastic modular belt conveyor is perfect when venting or cooling on the conveyor is required.  Both conveyor platforms include options for high temperature belts; perfect for hot parts right out of the press.

More Information about Specialty Parts Conveyors for the Plastics Industry

In many contexts, industrial conveyor systems are used for little more than transferring a product or material from point A to point B. For some applications, though, conveyor systems are integral to the production process, providing a tool that’s essential to how a new product takes shape.

Parts cooling and drying conveyors in the plastics industry are a great example of the latter.

Plastic products often require high heat to be manufactured; this means they also need time and space to cool off, preferably as quickly as possible. In other cases, products might need time to dry off after paint or other coatings or applied. This is where cooling and drying conveyors become necessary.

mk North America, a leading conveyor manufacturer that takes pride in meeting the needs of businesses in a variety of industries, specializes in cooling and drying conveyors for plastics manufacturing applications.

Cooling Conveyors for Molded Plastic Products

In manufacturing industries, plastic parts are often created with a process called injection molding, where heated plastic is injected into pre-cast molds to be shaped into a final form. In some cases, the newly-formed plastic parts may need to cool off before being fed into a hopper or otherwise integrated into the rest of the product line.

mk North America’s wide selection of belt conveyor systems, along with custom belting for specialty environments, make for ideal solutions to use with in plastic cooling applications.

Parts Drying Conveyors

mk conveyors can also be designed and implemented to allow for products to dry after being applied with paint, enamel, and other coatings.

These can include systems with integrated fans for air drying, or those designed to be integrated into convection dryers. In any case, mk’s custom conveyor capabilities can create a solution to meet your needs.

Contact mk today to see how we can be your conveyor partner in the plastics industry.