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Battery Conveyors


Why Special Conveyors for Battery Processing

There is a rapidly growing demand for energy solutions today. Batteries and fuel cells that power the world we live and work in play a critical role in future markets and innovations. As the industry moves through a rapid transformation, demand for production of these products is also on the rise.

Conveyors in the battery and fuel cell industry need to be designed to meet a number of battery-industry specific challenges. These challenges include conveying  the raw products and sub-components for battery assembly. Additionally, once the round battery cells are constructed, there is a need to rapdily transport, inspect the product on all sides, and be able to eject rejected parts from the line. When it comes to assembling EV-batteries for the automotive market, size and weight are particular challenges. The conveyors in this particular segment of the battery market need to be robust and precise.

conveyor solutions for battery production

Conveyor Solutions for Battery Processing

For the handling of raw materials, small subcomponents, and the like, they should be carried on continuous belt conveyors, ideally ones that are positively driven. Side walls, attached to the belt, should be considered. These side walls help contain the product.

For carrying round battery cells, flexible flat-top chain conveyors are ideal. These conveyors can carry products over long spans, easily change elevations, and also travel around corners. These conveyors can be configured in alpine layouts to provide product storage. Or these conveyors can be configured as wedge or side-grip conveyors, which allow for the top and bottom of the battery cell to be inspected. 

Battery packs are best conveyed on pallet-handling conveyors. The packs can be conveyed directly on the conveyor system, less the pallet. Or, for added material handling capabilities and precision, the battery pack can be carried on a pallet. Additionally, pallet-handling conveyor systems allow for battery packs to change or maintain orientation, depending on the application, as well as change levels or even travel between floors in a facility.


mk North America’s durable and trusted conveyor solutions provide the battery and fuel cell industry with various options when it comes to creating a system that meets their specific requirements. From heavy ev-batteries to small device batteries - we can provide a conveyor that meets any transport needs.

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