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Linear Motion Systems

Our product philosophy is focused towards providing modular solutions for technically demanding manufacturing applications while maintaining high standards of rigidity, functionality and flexibility. The add-on principle allows for the easy integration of linear motion systems and modules with our structural aluminum framing system.

More Information about Linear Motion Systems from mk North America

Linear motion systems and positioning modules are perfect for industrial applications that require precise automation, material transfer, and guidance.

Custom-designed and built using mk’s robust, versatile t-slot extruded aluminum profiles, these modules can stand alone or be integrated into more comprehensive material handling systems.

Platform options for mk linear motion systems include:

  • Gliding Assemblies
    • Offer medium load capacity
    • Quiet operation
    • Compact construction
  • Track Roller Assemblies
    • Offer low resistance and high acceleration; the fastest linear motion system mk offers
    • Can compensate for misalignments
    • Simple, cost-effective mounting
    • LZR system offers track roller assembly
  • Recirculating Ball Bearing Guides
    • Offer high rigidity, speeds, and load capacity
    • Can be loaded in all directions

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Common Applications for Linear Motion Systems

While linear motion systems like the LZR and VST are useful in a wide variety of industrial applications, they are particularly common with machine tooling and electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. This is due to their ability to provide fast and precise positioning, as well as steady, reliable axis traversing.

LZR & VST Modules

Two of mk North America’s standard linear motion modules are the LZR and VST systems.

Made with linear motion rails and slides, mk North America’s LZR modules are timing belt-driven units consisting of a simple track profile, carriage wagon, and drive components. With the LZR, positional accuracy is possible up to approximately 0.2 millimeters.

The VST linear positioning module is specially designed for applications with demanding adjustment and positioning requirements. Features include trapezoidal spindles, POM-nuts, and a high-quality surface coating to reduce friction.

Looking to learn more about standard and custom linear motion systems?

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