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The Benefits of Accumulation Conveyors

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If you want to maximize your plant’s throughput and production efforts, then accumulation conveyors may be just what you need.

What Are Accumulation Conveyors?

Accumulation conveyors are designed to hold or stop items on a conveyor; or to put it simply, they accumulate product. Most commonly used to support picking and packing applications, accumulation conveyors create a temporary buffer zone between products moving up or downstream.

The Benefits of Accumulation Conveyors

When integrated correctly, accumulation conveyors can:

  • Create a helpful buffer zone between processes that require different lengths of time to complete. In picking and packing facilities for example, it can sometimes be difficult for packers to load product at the rate in which it flows into their station; therefore, accumulation conveyors are used to slow the stream, and to create a collection pool that they can grab from.
  • Establish cooling and drying zones. It is sometimes necessary for items to remain at rest before they are moved to the next stage in the production line. Accumulation conveyors allow you to define how long items should cool / dry for.
  • Allow operators to oversee multiple stations at once. Strategically timing production flows at specific intervals gives operators the chance to move in-between work areas.
  • Create an efficient que for feeding products through machines on the production line. This is useful for both last in, first out (LIFO) and first in, first out (FIFO) applications.
  • Prevent congestion or damage on inclines, declines, and spirals.

Minimum Pressure Vs. Zero Pressure: Which Should You Pick?

There are two kinds of accumulation conveyors: minimum back pressure and zero back pressure. The difference between the two is that accumulated items on a minimum pressure conveyor will touch each other; conversely, accumulated items on a zero pressure conveyor will not. While zero pressure conveyors may seem superior, minimum pressure iterations are often ideal for items that share the same weight and dimensions.

Wondering If Accumulation Conveyors Are Right For You? Contact mk North America

mk North America offers both zero back pressure and minimum back pressure accumulation conveyors. Not sure what you need? No problem! Customizing your ideal solution is what we do best! If you're serious about controlling flow and improving productivity, then don't wait--contact us today.

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