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Heavy Duty Accumulating Roller Chain Conveyor

mk Part Number: SRF-P 2012
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Product Information

 Low back pressure accumulating roller chain conveyor, SRF-P 2012, is designed for the construction of heavy-duty pallet handling systems or for conveying large or bulky products. The free running rollers, within the chain, ensure quiet operation and a smooth accumulating surface.  


  • Frame: 135 mm deep profile, 60 mm wide
  • Pulley: 3/4" pitch
  • Width: Each lane is 60 mm wide, outside frame width is nearly unlimited, single or multiple lanes
  • Length: 500 mm to 20,000 mm
  • Load: Up to 800 lbs. per pallet, 3,500 lbs. per drive
  • Speed: Up to 200 fpm (speeds up to 80 fpm are preferred for VersaMove)
    • Constant or Variable speed options
  • Voltage: All standard US, Mexico and Canadian voltages
  • Chain: 3/4" pitch accumulating roller chain
    • Plastic or steel rollers
    • In-line or staggered rollers
  • Accessories: Compatible with all mk side rails and support 

Technical Specifications

  • Constructed using our mk 2012 series structural profile
    • 135 mm tall anodized aluminum frame
    • Dual t-slots along the length of the frame, each side
    • Bottom t-slot 
      • T-slots along the length of the conveyor for ease of mounting stands, side rails, and custom accessories
    • The chain returns within the frame profile
      • This provides a safer design
  • Available with steel or plastic rollers in the chain
  • UHMW-PE slider bed, 6 mm thick – guided for added belt tracking
  • Dual sealed bearings for low maintenance design
  • Positively driven via sprocket
  • Maintenance free dual-sealed ball bearings
  • Compatible with all mk 50 system profiles and components and most mk 40 system profiles and components

Product Options

Conveyor Options Include:

  • Pallet Stops
  • Pallet Lift & Locates
  • Pallet Rotates
  • Covers
  • Encoders
  • Drip pan and product catch pans
  • Custom motor and control options