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Lean Production

The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing: Why and How to Go Lean

Workers on a lean production line.

Efficiency has never been more important to the manufacturing industry than now. This is especially true in North America, where higher costs of doing business place many manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage with global counterparts in places like China, India, and Indonesia.

How can North American manufacturers maximize productivity and reduce waste enough to remain competitive in the global marketplace? For many, the answer is with a set of principles and practices collectively known as lean manufacturing.

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Custom Carts & Kanban Racks for Lean Manufacturing

Kanban racks holding stock in a lean manufacturing facility, created with mk aluminum extrusions.

Lean Manufacturing & Kanban

Lean philosophy in manufacturing and production originated with the Toyota Production System in Japan, and emphasizes the elimination of waste and the maximization of efficiency, effort, and value. Specifics vary from industry to industry and company to company, but broadly speaking extraneous activities and materials are eliminated, while those left behind are streamlined as much as possible.

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