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Conveyors: Stock or Build-to-Order

Should I buy a custom conveyor, or a pre-built one?

Sometimes in life, you’re able to just go to the store to buy the perfect part you need for your DIY project. Other times, no matter how hard you scour stores both online and in person, that very same part eludes you. Sure, you COULD use a “good enough” replacement part, but it might fail quicker or run less efficiently than if you found the perfect fit.

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Conveyors for Robotic Systems Integration in the Auto Industry

 A pallet conveyor system from mk North America, being used for robotic automation in an automotive factory setting.

Since the 1960s, the automotive manufacturing industry has been at the forefront of industrial robotics and automation. In fact, the first industrial robot in history, George Devol’s Unimate, worked welding die castings to auto bodies for a General Motors assembly line starting way back in 1961!

With the International Federation of Robots estimating that the automotive industry will account for at least half of the worldwide growth in the robotics industry through 2018, it doesn’t look like the relationship between robots and car companies is changing any time soon.

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