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custom conveyors

Conveyors: Stock or Build-to-Order

Should I buy a custom conveyor, or a pre-built one?

Sometimes in life, you’re able to just go to the store to buy the perfect part you need for your DIY project. Other times, no matter how hard you scour stores both online and in person, that very same part eludes you. Sure, you COULD use a “good enough” replacement part, but it might fail quicker or run less efficiently than if you found the perfect fit.

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Why Custom Conveyors

custom conveyor with metal fixtures

The idea of something custom, or designed specially to fit ones needs, often brings about thoughts of increased pricing and longer lead-times. However, with the variety of conveyor offerings from mk North America, Inc., that is not always the case.

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Custom Conveyor Systems from mk North America

Conveyor with guard

When it comes to conveyor system manufacturers, mk North America offers the broadest range of systems in the industry. But they also know that one size does not fit all. That’s why they offer the ability to customize your conveyor before it ships. mk’s custom options go beyond the typical ability to choose length and width, and mean you can create a complete custom solution without having to go to multiple suppliers.

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