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Vacuum Conveyors from mk

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Vacuum Conveyor from mk North America

Vacuum belt conveyors, or conveyors with a vacuum in them, are essential in today’s manufacturing environment. Vacuum conveyors can be used to hold flat parts to the belt’s surface, for elevation changes, or overhead conveying and are ideal for carrying small parts and operating at high speeds. A variety of vacuum sources can be used.

Vacuum Conveyor Specifications 

mk North America offers a wide variety of vacuum conveyors, from widths of 50 mm (2”) all the way to 1200 mm (48”) and in a variety of lengths. Vacuum belt conveyors are made by using a perforated belt, and drawing air through a perforated or grooved slider bed; in either the GUF-2000 or GUF-P 2041 series flat belt conveyors.

Because vacuum conveyors from mk are based on these popular flat belt conveyors, a wide variety of conveyor options are possible including drive type and location, motor voltage, idler diameter, and elevation. Furthermore, these conveyors are fully compatible with mk’s line of t-slot aluminum extrusion framing.

The vacuum portion of the conveyor is also highly customizable to meet your specific needs. Conveyors can be designed with a single vacuum chamber (or area) or with multiple areas. The vacuum source can come from a number of different places, including fans built within the frame of the conveyor or from an external pump and blower. 

See Our Vacuum Conveyor In Action 

Check out this video from mk North America to see one of their vacuum conveyors in action. This particular model shows how it is possible to carry product from above using a vacuum conveyor and how rejected parts can be knocked out of the flow.

To learn more about vacuum conveyors from mk, or to discuss your particular needs; call mk at (860) 769-5500 ext 3300 or use this form. mk’s knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to review your requirements and make recommendations for your vacuum conveyor needs.

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