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What Does BISSC Certification Mean for Conveyors?

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 Bagels on a stainless steel, BISSC-certified conveyor from mk North America.

Important: BISSC was purchased by The BEAG Group, making the BISSC standard no longer applicable. 

BISSC, which stands for the Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee, is an independent body that was formed to establish and enforce voluntary sanitation standards for the equipment used in industrial baking.

BISSC’s Office of Certification offers two levels of certification to companies and equipment manufacturers who conform to the American National Standards Institute’s ANSI/ASB/Z50.2-2013 Sanitation Standard for the Design of Bakery Equipment:

  • BISSC Certification – Manufacturers who can warrant that their equipment is in compliance at least with the standards set forth by the ANSI/ASB/Z50.2-2013 are able to display the BISSC Certified symbol.
  • Third-Party Verification – Already-certified companies or manufacturers may have their equipment inspected by an independent third party appointed by BISSC. If this third party confirms that the equipment is in compliance with all relevant standards, the equipment may bear the BISSC Verified symbol.

What is Included in the Standards Set by BISSC and ANSI/ASB/Z50.2-2013?

Certification criteria set forth by BISSC differs for different kinds of baking equipment, but basic standards include product surfaces which are non-absorbent, non-toxic, and smooth (except where a process required a textured surface); easy access to surfaces for cleaning and sanitation; tracks and guides designed to minimize retention of food particles and condensation; as well as others designed to promote safety and sanitation of workers and consumers. (More information on BISSC’s Basic Criteria for Bakery Equipment can be found on their website.)

The ANSI/ASB/Z50.2-2013 standards which are specific to conveyor systems include such criteria as the following:

  • Drip pans, drive chains, belting, and other conveyor components should be readily accessible or removable for the purposes of cleaning and sanitation.
  • All surfaces and areas where crumbs, carbonized particles, flour dust, or foreign material accumulate shall be accessible for cleaning.
  • All bearings should be outside the product zone and sealed or self-lubricating. Where necessary, any lubricants in the product zone must be food-grade.
  • Surfaces should be made of odorless materials.
  • Dead ends are not permitted.

 Full ANSI/ASB/Z50.2-2013 sanitation requirements are divided into four sections, including about two dozen design requirements specific to conveyors, and can be found here.

BISSC Certified Conveyor Systems from mk North America

mk North America, a worldwide leader in conveyors and other material handling systems, offers BISSC-certified conveyors in their line of CleanMove conveyors. Made from high-grade stainless steel to resist corrosion and stand up to even the harshest of sanitary and washdown conditions, many of mk’s CleanMove conveyors conform to all relevant BISSC, ANSI, and FDA guidelines.

In fact, mk has an in-house BISSC-trained inspector who has completed the 4-year “Certified Equipment Design for BISSC Certification” course to ensure that every CleanMove conveyor lives up to its certification.

A versatile collection of conveyors, mk’s CleanMove systems can be utilized in a wide variety of applications. The CleanMove Standard line of sanitary steel conveyors, including the CFB-200 flat belt model, is ideal for packaged and other dry goods, while models from the CleanMove Plus line offer more versatility and robustness for pre-cooked foods, frozen foods and so much more.

To learn more about mk North America’s CleanMove conveyors, to get a design quote, or to speak to a member of their sales team, get in touch by calling (860) 769-5500 or by filling out the form below.

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