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CleanMove | Baking & Snack

Sanitary Conveyors for Baking & Snack Industry

CleanMove conveyors, by mk North America, are designed to keep your baking or snack facility moving forward. 

CleanMove stainless steel conveyors provide state-of-the-art cleanability, performance, reliability and are designed to meet to meet industry and specific government compliance standards. CleanMove conveyors come in three different levels of sanitation; ensuring the right conveyor for the application. 

CleanMove conveyors come in:

  • belt
  • plastic modular belt
  • table top chain
  • and positive drive belt styles. 

CleanMove conveyors can be configured:

  • straight-horizontal running
  • inclined and declined
  • and around corners.

Contact mk North America today to learn more or to get started on your next conveyor application. 

Many CleanMove conveyors are BISSC certified.