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Aluminum Conveyors

AS, ESD & HC Conveyors

Black belt conveyors

AS, ESD and HC. Just throwing around letters? No. Those are all electrical abbreviations that apply to conveyor belting and in some cases to the conveyor as a whole. Let’s look into these terms, and the conveying applications where they may be used.

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The Top Three Reasons for Using Timing Belt Conveyors

As the complexity of industrial automation and factory systems increases the need for higher precision conveyors becomes more and more apparent.

And while “precision” is one of the main reasons to use a timing belt conveyor over a traditional flat belt conveyors there are other reasons. Continue reading to learn more.

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So That’s What That Means

You’re in the market for a dual-lane chain conveyor. And you contact mk North America, who quotes you a KTF-P 2010. Or saw you need a belt conveyor. A member of mk sales team reviews your application with you – looking at width and load in particular – in the end you are quoted a GUF-P 2041. In both scenarios you were quoted the best conveyor for your application. But you’re left wondering what exactly does “KTF-P 2010” or “GUF-P 2041” actually stand for? Continue reading to learn exactly that.

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