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Aluminum Conveyors

How Conveyors and Robots Create Safer Environments in Metalworking


The metalworking industry is experiencing strong growth today as demands for fabrication and production increases worldwide. While the market is being driven by a healthier economy and a rise in demand, there are still key challenges that manufacturers at these plants must address.

In this post, we’ll look at how conveyors, together with robots, help to make these risk-intensive environments safer.

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3 Benefits of Automated Conveyor Systems

It’s no secret that automation is booming in the manufacturing industry. According to the international federation of Robotics, robot sales in the United States have increased significantly since 2010. Why? “[To achieve the] necessary modernization of domestic production facilities.” Indeed, automation is moving the manufacturing industry into a more modern, efficient direction. Just look at the positive impact Kiva’s robotics have had on Amazon’s bottom line: Kiva’s automated picking and packing robots saved Amazon roughly $22 million in operating expenses.

In order for production facilities to compete--and thrive--in this fast growing landscape, managers should automate key processes. In addition to picking and packing, manufacturing plants should adopt smarter conveyor technologies too.

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Preventive vs. Predictive Maintenance for Conveyors


It’s no secret that most of today’s manufacturing facilities depend on a variety of machines.  While many different machines contribute to a successful production cycle, few are as integral as conveyors.  After all, without conveyors, it would be difficult to move products quickly and efficiently through each stage of assembly and/or packaging. 

Now what happens when your conveyor system breaks down? Production comes to a grinding halt. As obvious as this may seem, it’s all too easy to prioritize other machines over your conveyors. Just remember, it’s not a question of “if” your conveyor will fail, it’s when.

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Smart Manufacturing: Backlit Conveyors Help Optimize Operations

Today’s factories are getting smarter and more efficient than ever before. Thanks to emerging connected technologies and automation, smoother processes and greater accuracy are possible.

Collaborative robots are being used in these work environments to assist with intensive tasks and not only lessen dangers for human workers, but also to help businesses improve their profit margins.

This hot topic of “Industry 4.0” continues today and new updates in the manufacturing world are allowing for constant innovation.

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Press Release - CAD360!


New comprehensive tool increases speed and eases CAD design of customized conveyor systems.

Bloomfield, Conn. – Leading conveyor system designer and manufacturer mk North America has announced the official release of a new online conveyor modeling tool, CAD360!, that makes it faster and easier than ever to design and share custom designed conveyor systems.

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